Team Managers

How To Become a Team Manager

Do you like to be the center of the communications web? Do you like to be the "go-to" person for problems big and small? You should consider becoming a Team Manager. The Team Manager like a Coach for everything that happens off the ice. A list of Team Manager duties might include:

  • Talking to the parents - let them know about NYHA policies, codes of conduct, their responsibilities.
  • Distribute materials to parents. "Hey guys! Here's a list of our upcoming games.."
  • Help with conflict resolution. You are often the parent's first point of contact for coaching issues.
  • Let parents know about scheduling changes, weather updates. Be fast with the cellphone and the email list!
  • Let coaches know about parent concerns.
  • Organize player lists, contact information, registration forms, team rosters, etc.
  • Arrange snacks for games and practices.
  • ..and a few more listed in the NYHA Handbook.

Wow – that’s a lot of responsibilities.  While the Coach commands respect on the ice, it's the Team Manager that keeps everything running smoothly in the background. Without them, everything falls into chaos and disrepair.  A good Team Manager likes people, likes to talk, and knows how to delegate a good snack. Interested? Contact us and we will get you started (and shower you with praise).